Will I get credit for this?

On August 25th 2011, I decided to apply for leave of absence from my graduate program at the University of Chicago. I know the exact date because it was one day before the expiration of my fellowship offer. Yeah, cutting it a bit close.

I’m confident that the interwebs need one more writer taking a swing at legitimacy. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love writers? We supply the world with insight on only the issues we deem to be important. Take, for instance, what I was writing about last year… 19th century French poetry. If I can make a career writing about something that obscure, why shouldn’t I try writing about things more people might be as passionate about as I am?

So if you happen to be interested in food, books, travel, art, music and maybe even French poetry from the 19th century (hell, I’ll widen the net on that… any type of French literature), join me in my rebellion against my day job. You’ll just have to bear with the slight delusions of grandeur and the moments of self consciousness that lie on the path to the aforementioned legitimacy. Because, let’s face it, that behavior just comes with the territory of those of us who should probably have a day job.


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