Discredit- stupidity related to food

Is the Government Setting Us Up to Make Bad Food Choices? | Fooducate.

Image credit: joe_13

Here’s my issue: there are people out there who think that they can justify the obesity epidemic plaguing the United States by claiming that it costs more to buy food at a grocery store and prepare it than it costs to eat at fast food chains.

I understand that not everyone can afford to haul ass to Whole Foods or some gourmet grocer to get their weekly supply of food, or that the option to even exists in some areas of the US. I also understand that if you’re a single parent and have to work your tail off all day that the time may also be a factor,


I refuse to believe that it is more expensive to prepare your own healthy food than it is to eat out at fast food restaurants,


I am here to prove that you can make it healthy and more importantly delicious.


Let the challenge begin: for one week I will prepare two square meals a day (to feed two since I’m single and childless) for less than it would cost to feed two at a fast food chain. Details to follow.


I have to admit I do love some good fast food every once in a while and good lord am I craving a Chicago hot dog right now!


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