Can anyone explain….

What the big deal with

I feel like I’ve been seeing nothing but promos for Seamless lately.They’re making it out to be this new-fangled invention of epic proportion that will change the way we order our delivery….

is anyone else a bit perplexed?

Isn’t this what,,, eat24hours have been doing for years?

UPDATE: I’ll be the first to admit when I’ve jumped to conclusions! Mistakes have been made…

I’ve been spending some time familiarizing myself with

As it turns out, seamless differs from other delivery sites in a few ways, the most important being new content. It has many of the same features we know and love about, but it also has a rather clever blog (which, for some reason, I can no longer access– still working out the kinks, perhaps?) plus they also boast a few new features.

The ones I find particularly novel are the wait time estimates available BEFORE you place your order and a blog with reviews and news about the restaurants they are acquiring.

They also have some of the old features we’ve all grown to rely upon. The “scroll over info” feature that lists ingredients and preparation methods to folks that might not be as familiar with the ins and outs of Korean BBQ, for instance.

I take back my snarky claims of redundancy, I see what they’ve done here.

Mea culpa, You have made a convert out of me.


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