Meals cooked by friends: Rachel’s Fiesta

It’s a new kind of post! Cooking with friends… rather, my friends cooking for me!

In an attempt to bring some diversity to my home cooking chronicles, I figured it would be fun to document other people cooking at home.


On that note, I am very excited to own (and must admit to having spent the last hour reading) Ferran Adrià’s The Family Meal. It’s 400 pages, and 31 meals, of very clear and well documented steps that will hopefully help bring to my home what Ferran Adrià considers home cooking. Dare to dream! The book has a great layout and nice photography. What isn’t to love?

But back to Rachel.

After about a week of playing phone tag, and each suffering from ill-timed migraines, I was finally able to encroach on her kitchen and help her assemble what she called a meal of leftovers… but it was nothing short of awesome. So “Credit- Rachel” for introducing me to

Egg and Chorizo Tacos with Homemade Refried Black Beans. 

When I arrived, Rachel had already soaked her black beans overnight and was simmering them over low heat. (If you want to cheat on this process you can always boil the hell out of the beans for about an hour and a half instead of letting them reconstitute overnight.)

Refried Black Beans:

Once they are cooked through, she drained the black beans and put them in a pan she used to sauté a small diced onion. To the vegetable oil, she added one finely chopped jalepeno pepper with its seeds. The beans will cook down till they start to break apart and thicken into the

consistency we tend to think of when we picture refried beans. Once that happened, Rachel added chopped carrots to the pan for some texture and color.

Chorizo and Egg Tacos:

After heating (thoroughly!) the chorizo, Rachel added a mixture of eggs beaten with salt and some finely chopped cilantro (2 heaping tablespoons as far as my eye could tell). Given the contents, it’s quite important you thoroughly cook this portion of the tacos so as to avoid giving yourself or your dinner guest food poisoning. Cook the chorizo as detailed on the packaging (it varies, but cook it so that it’s beginning to brown but is not burning). The eggs will cook just like scrambled eggs.

She finally heated up some tortillas in a small non stick skillet and grated some cheese on the top so that it melted.

And you’re done!

A huge thank you to Rachel for hosting me (and my camera phone) and letting me invade her kitchen to show the world how she feeds herself on a Wednesday night! She was a great sport, and I look forward to coming back when she’s had some time to plan ahead. I’ll admit I surprised her by asking to document her cooking on an average night. If she can make this out of leftovers on a whim, I can’t wait to see what she can make with a little advanced planning!


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