Discredit Eater.com

Eater.com (specifically the Chicago chapter) has swooped in to play the unbiased mediator to a predictably heated slew of commentary that was posted by readers in response to Eater.com’s ongoing series of “articles” about Craig Schoettler leaving The Aviary.

After multiple posts in the span of a few days on Craig leaving/getting canned which garnered way too many responses from catty restaurant goers, ex-coworkers (and most likely some ex girlfriends and former friends) eater posted this somewhat contrived article asking their readers to “keep it civil.”

Bravo, guys. Play the “let’s keep it civil” card in a situation that you knowingly created for the umpteenth time. These so-called “Chef Shuffles” are Eater.com’s bread and butter.

It’s one thing to feel bad for causing commotion unwittingly, but let’s face it: this is precisely the business you people are in. Eater.com is pretty much the Enquirer or US weekly for the restaurant industry. I recognize its place and am absolutely guilty of following Eater.com on a daily basis, but let’s call a spade a spade.

Don’t be coy, Eater, you aren’t fooling anyone.


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